Club Discipline Guide

As with many other aspects of football administration, The Whole Game System is replacing the archaic, paper-based discipline process that currently exists in grassroots football. 


Click here to download a guide to the key discipline functions on Whole Game System

Responding To Discipline Cases and Paying Fines

It's important to remember that unlike in previous years, all elements of discipline can have different due dates even if you receive them within the same club statement. 

Don't Get Caught Out!

The simplest way to stay on top of your discipline, and to avoid any late fines or further sanctions is to remember this:

You must respond to a case(s) as soon as you receive the notification of the charge or you will receive an automatic £20 fine. 

Do not wait to receive the invoice before you respond to the charge. 


Within a club statement (Click here to view) there could be an invoice due on 1st May, red card paperwork due on 10th May and caution paperwork due on 14th May. 

Should a club fail to respond on time to any of these elements, then late fines are automatically added at midnight of the due date. 

Remember - It is important that you are familiar with the timescales to respond to charges as they are no longer linked to the traditional ‘Friday deadline’. 


Timescales For Responding To Cases

 Standard Dismissal
(Red Card)

7 days from the date printed on the paperwork 

(Yellow Card)

14 days from the date printed on the paperwork


14 days from the date printed on the paperwork


Responding To Discipline in Five Easy Steps


1 | Log in via the Club Portal 

You will need to use your FAN (Football Association Number) or email address and associated password handy. If you don't have a FAN or can't remember your password - click here

2 | Click on your role as "Club Secretary" and follow the "Discipline" tab

This tab which will appear on the left hand side of your screen. You can respond to each case individually.

3 | Check all player information is still correct

You will find that your player information may be already populated. Check this is all correct, and amend any information where necessary.

4 | Respond to each charge accordingly

By linking to the referees report, the system will ask you to respond to each case. 

5 | Payment

Online payment is provided through Barclaycard’s Smartpay, a reliable and secure system that is used extensively across the world. 

Further Help and Support

Should you require any additional support please visit the help pages by clicking here  

Download a pdf guide to the key discipline functions on Whole Game System here 

Download the discipline handbook, and view other documents for reference here

Alternatively, for further support call Governance on 0113 282 1222 (opt  2)

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