We work with Sportsguard insurers to ensure that the policies that we provide to our members are the most comprehensive worded policies available to amateur football clubs.


The Football Association Standard Code of Rules states that ALL Clubs must have public liability insurance cover of at least ten million pounds (£10,000,000). This means that all clubs that affiliate to ANY County Football Association across the country must adhere to this ruling.

Our specialist Football Liability Insurance Scheme is designed to provide essential cover for all our affiliated member clubs, leagues and referees. By arranging cover as a block insurance scheme it means that premiums are more affordable to clubs and leagues at the lower levels of the game. Cover is obtained via affiliation to the County FA.


Public Liability Cover – Mandatory as part of affiliation

All members opt into the mandatory COUNTY COVER scheme at point of affiliation. The mandatory scheme provides Public Liability Insurance. A club / league can be held legally liable if it is proven that it was negligent or failed to take ‘reasonable care’ to prevent injury to a member of the Public or members of the club/league or damage to third party property. Public Liability Insurance is designed to pay compensation and legal costs that arise if the club / league or any of its members are found to be at fault. This cover is not to be confused with Personal Accident Insurance.

All affiliated clubs will be provided with a cover note detailing the elements of the scheme and will have access to on online support page linked directly to the Sportsguard Insurers.


Principal Exclusions

Liability arising out of:

    a) Malicious or Criminal acts.

    b) Use of any mechanically propelled vehicle, aircraft, hovercraft or water-borne craft.

    c) Product Guarantee.

    d) In connection with damage to any data.

    e) Medical malpractice.

    f) Property in charge of or control of the insured.

    g) Pollution or Contamination unless caused by a sudden identifiable unexpected incident.

    h) Injury to Employers.

    i) Sale of Securities or any shares of a Private Company or Corporation.

    j) Loss arising from hazardous properties of radioactive or nuclear material.

    k) Player-to-Player Liability Excluded (Playing Risk Exclusion)

    l) Bouncy Castles, Inflatable's, Hazardous Pursuits, Fireworks.


Personal Accident Cover

As a member of the WRCFA, you are subject to the ruling that clubs must insure their players against injury when playing for their club. Such insurance shall offer a minimum benefit of £30/week.

Bespoke schemes are available from some District Football Associations. The schemes provide both capital and weekly benefit cover following occurrence of an injury.

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