Together with our partners, we are delighted to offer grassroots clubs in our county some great offers on products and services.

First Aid Kit and Supplies

Purchase your discounted first aid supplies ready for the new season
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Club Website

Take advantage of a low cost website product specifically designed for grassroots clubs. There are no setup fees, you pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee for the service which is discounted via your affiliation to WRCFA
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The Nike Partner Club Programme was established in conjunction with the FA in November 2013 with the aim of providing a range of benefits to aid with the development of sustainability of Charter Standard Clubs.
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The Football Association Standard Code of Rules states that ALL Clubs must have public liability insurance cover of at least ten million pounds (£10,000,000). This means that all clubs that affiliate to ANY County Football Association across the country must adhere to this ruling.
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Personal Accident Cover - District F.A Schemes
Personal accident cover is mandatory for all adult clubs. Bespoke schemes are available from some District Football Associations. The schemes provide both capital and weekly benefit cover following occurrence of an injury.
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Other Offers & Special Promotions

Open Goaaal
Open Goaaal! is a brand new invention. After years of kids kicking the ball over the fence, ruining the plants and smashing windows, we decided that there must be a better way!
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