Disability Football

Working with players with a disability can be one of the most challenging, but the most rewarding experiences you will have in football. The information and courses listed below aim to give you an insight into working with players with a disability Coaching Disabled Footballers.


Designed to give football coaches and teachers ideas and practices for the inclusion of disabled players in football sessions within mainstream or impairment specific sessions. 

The course is six hours and covers both theory and practical elements, by the end of the workshop each participant should be able to met the following outcomes: 

  • Apply and extend your existing coaching skills and experience, meet the needs of players with a range of impairments.
  • Establish basic communication skills for coaching disabled footballers.
  • Use appropriate terminology.
  • Identify appropriate safety and medical considerations.
  • Plan a wide range of coaching sessions for disabled footballers.
  • Using the Inclusion Spectrum, plan your coaching sessions to include disabled players or provide alternative appropriate opportunities.
  • Understand the player pathways available for disabled players including the appropriate structure for competition.


The purpose of the Coaching Deaf Footballers course is to provide coaches with ideas and guidance on how to adapt, where necessary, to include deaf players in regular coaching sessions and match situations at their school or club. 

The course has been designed primarily for coaching children and young people. However, many of the coaching points and advice given are equally applicable for use with all footballers with any level of hearing ability.

By the end of the programme the participant should be able to: 

  • Apply and extend their existing coaching skills and experience to meet the needs of deaf players
  • Feel confident when coaching deaf footballers
  • Have improved their awareness of deafness and provide better understanding of the needs of deaf footballers
  • Use basic communication skills for coaching deaf footballers
  • Use basic British Sign Language signs appropriate to coaching football sessions
  • Identify appropriate safety and medical considerations
  • Plan a range of coaching sessions that include deaf footballers
  • Understand how to include deaf footballers in a match situation
  • Understand the player pathways available for deaf footballers including the appropriate structures for competition.


An ‘Add on’ course to the coaching deaf footballers – Candidates will learn football specific British Sign language including the following:

  • Basic deaf awareness training
  • Fingerspelling/alphabet
  • Greetings and basic communications
  • Numbers (dates/times/scores etc.
  • Football specific terminology (positions, training, skills etc)

Introduction to Futsal 

The Visually Impaired and Deaf international format of football is Futsal 

On completion of the course the candidate should be able to:- 

  • Understand and appreciate the fundamentals of Futsal
  • Organise and coach the basic skills and techniques of Futsal
  • Understand the basic principles of attack and defence of Futsal
  • Appreciate the ‘Laws of the Game’ of Futsal
  • Have an appreciation of the fitness demands of Futsal 

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