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Debt Recovery


Sadly every season players leave clubs without paying their debts.

This leaves some clubs either unable to pay debys to the league or fold owing money.

The West Riding FA debt recovery scheme is the clubs and leagues opportunity to try to recoup money owed by players. All affiliated clubs and leagues may ask us to issue a Sine Die Suspension against individuals that owe them money.

The West Riding County Football Association is required to operate a system to collect debt on behalf of the affiliated clubs, leagues and other associations.

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 Fines from discipline cases (cautions, dismissals, misconduct charges) and match fees.
Football debts are defined as those costs arising directly from football activity, and as such would include disciplinary costs (e.g. fines), match costs (e.g. match fees) and playing expenses (e.g. pitch hire).
Kit/Equipment, Club subscriptions/Signing on fees/Internal club fines, Lottery or any other fund raising schemes, End of season trip costs and Club Debts.