League Sanctioning

On a yearly basis the West Riding County FA sanction and support a wide range of Leagues, including adult male, adult female, youth, mini-soccer, disability and small-sided.

For season 2015-16, all leagues will be sanctioned online via the Whole Game System (WGS). Over 80% of all clubs affiliated to WRCFA now affiliate using the system.

League Sanctioning via the WGS is comprised of 3 separate sections

Stage 1: League Management Details: You will provide details of your league, league officers and league rules

Stage 2: League Sanctioning Documents: You will upload a Balance Sheet / Copy of accounts for season 2014-15.

Stage 3: Divisions, Cups and purchases: You will provide details of your Divisions, Cups and Purchases (Insurance, League Sanctioning Fee)

You will submit your application to WRCFA via  the portal and a notification will be received by the WRCFA office. Your application will remain ‘in progress’ until it is ‘approved’ by a member of the team. Your sanction application will only be approved when:

  • All teams are affiliated
  • You have uploaded a copy a of your league rules and these have been checked against the FA Standard Code of Rules
  • Full payment is made either via the system (via secure online payment), BACs payment or cheque payment


1.       When can you start the process?
You can start to sanction your league from Monday 13th July 2015.

2.       Why do you have to wait until Monday 13th July?
In order to process your application, the system needs to populate your league with the teams that have affiliated. By delaying the league sanction to 13th July 2015 we are hopeful that the majority of teams will have affiliated by then and your league sanctioning application should be fairly straightforward.

3.       How do I start the process?
You need to log onto the Whole Game System (Click here). To log in you need to know your FAN number or email address and password (same password as you used for Member Services). If you do not have a password, you can create one by clicking ‘forgotten password’.

4.       What do I need to do once I’m in the portal?
I have attached a step by step guide for you to follow. I have also put a hard copy in the post for you.

5.       What other notifications should I expect from WRCFA?
You will receive a reminder email from WRCFA on Friday 10th July 2015 advising you that you are able to start the process from Monday 13th July 2015.

6.       What is the cost of League Sanction? 
The cost remains the same as season 2014-15


What guidance is available to you?

  1. Step by step user guide (below)
  2. Video Guidance – (Please Click Here)
  3. WRCFA Staff Support – If you require any support, please contact a member of the WRCFA via info@wrcfa.com or call 0113 2821222 Option 2.