Youth Advisory Group

As a County FA we are an energetic, innovative and progressive organisation.

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) helps us better understand the changing landscape of grassroots football. Young people are the future of our game, and it’s our duty to ensure that football is in good hands.

OUR VISION: Develop the young people of West Riding to become well rounded, employable young adults using the power of football.

OUR PRIORITIES: 1) Provide one of a kind development opportunities for Young People in Football.

2) Gain insight to help shape the way the County FA works.

3) Recognise and reward young people volunteering in football.

West Riding County FA Youth Advisory Group will contribute to The FA’s Strategic Plan by helping more young people develop personal skills through football, influence County FA delivery and directly engage with the football community. 

For more information, email, or call 0113 282 1222.

You Can Follow West Riding FA Youth Advisory Group on Twitter - @WestRidingYouth!