Match Based Discipline is now used in adult and youth football.

The introduction of Match Based Discipline across grassroots football means that all players at a local level will now receive the same sanctions as players in the Premier League and Football Leagues, based on numbers of matches rather than a period of time.

Throughout the last five seasons, Match Based Discipline started at Steps 5 and 6 – predominantly regional league structures – in the National League System and was eventually extended to Step 7 – county and local football. 

The FA Discipline Handbook helps volunteers with the running of their Club, and is a learning tool  for the Match Based Discipline System. Click here for the FA Discipline Handbook which talks you through the following areas:

  • Yellow Cards (Cautions)
  • Red Cards (Standard Charges)
  • Appeals
  • Misconduct Charges
  • Sanction Guidelines
  • County Hearings
  • Multiple/Alternate Charges
  • Multi Player Misconduct Charge
  • RESPECT Charge

For more information on FA Governance pages of our website please click here - FA Governance (this page can be accessed by clicking on the Governance box on our home page).

The FA's website (www.thefa.com) provides a raft of useful Governance related information such as,

  • Laws of the Game
  • Race Equality
  • Rules of the Association (FA)
  • Football V Homophobia
  • Safeguarding Children
  • Equality and Inclusion
  • Agents
  • Anti Doping
  • Betting and Integrity
  • Financial Regulation
  • Kit Advertising
  • Player Registrations
  • Stadium Safety