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Coaching Support

Supporting the development of coaches at all levels

At West Riding FA, we are dedicated to supporting a range of initiatives run by the Football Association (FA) that are designed to enhance and enrich the football experience for everyone.

Our commitment to the Fully Funded Places Programme, the Community Champions Programme, and the FA Coaching Mentoring Programme demonstrates our dedication to fostering inclusivity, community engagement, and professional development in football.

Partially Funded Places Programme

The Partially Funded Places (PFP) Programme aims to remove financial barriers and provide equal opportunities for all to participate in football. England football learning will look to cover up to 85% of the financial cost and learners will inherit a 15% charge. 

At West Riding FA, we are passionate about ensuring that talent and enthusiasm for the game are not hindered by economic challenges. By supporting this programme, we help provide financial assistance to aspiring players, coaches, and volunteers, giving them access to top-notch training and resources. Our goal is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive football community where everyone has the chance to shine.


Community Champions Programme

The Community Champions Programme celebrates and empowers individuals who make significant contributions to grassroots football. At West Riding FA, we recognise the importance of these local heroes who dedicate their time and effort to promoting and developing the game within their communities. Through this programme, we provide vital resources, training, and support to these champions, enabling them to continue their impactful work and inspire others. By nurturing community champions, we help build a stronger foundation for grassroots football, ensuring its sustainable growth for future generations.


FA Coaching Mentoring Programme

The FA Coaching Mentoring Programme is designed to support the development of coaches at all levels, offering guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals. At West Riding FA, we understand that quality coaching is essential for the growth and success of football. By endorsing this programme, we are committed to providing coaches with the mentorship they need to enhance their skills, share best practices, and achieve their full potential. This initiative helps to create a network of knowledgeable and confident coaches who can positively influence players and teams across our region.


Recognising International Coaching Qualifications at the FA

At West Riding FA, we understand the importance of recognising and integrating diverse coaching experiences and qualifications from around the world. The Football Association (FA) has a robust system in place to map coaching qualifications from other countries to its own, ensuring that talented coaches can seamlessly contribute to the growth and development of football in England.

FA Selection Criteria for Coaching Qualifications

To maintain the highest standards of coaching, the FA has established specific selection criteria for recognising and accepting international coaching qualifications. These criteria include:

Accreditation: The coaching qualification must be awarded by a recognised national football association or governing body.
Content Relevance: The course content should cover essential areas such as coaching techniques, player development, tactical understanding, and match analysis.
Practical Experience: The qualification should include practical coaching experience and assessments to ensure that coaches have hands-on training.
Ongoing Development: The coach must demonstrate a commitment to continuous professional development and staying updated with the latest coaching methodologies.

By adhering to these criteria, the FA ensures that only the most competent and knowledgeable coaches are integrated into the English football system, thereby enhancing the quality of coaching and player development across the country.

Mapping International Coaching Qualifications

The FA's commitment to inclusivity and excellence extends to recognising coaching qualifications awarded by football associations worldwide. Through a detailed and rigorous mapping process, the FA evaluates international coaching certifications to align them with the appropriate levels within the FA's own coaching framework. This process ensures that coaches with foreign qualifications are acknowledged for their expertise and can access relevant FA courses and opportunities without unnecessary repetition.


The mapping process involves:

Assessment of Course Content: The FA thoroughly reviews the curriculum, training methods, and assessment criteria of international coaching courses.
Comparison with FA Standards: International qualifications are compared against the FA's coaching standards to determine equivalency.
Consultation with Coaching Bodies: The FA collaborates with international football associations to understand their certification processes and ensure accurate mapping. For support, click here

At West Riding FA, we support and facilitate this process, welcoming coaches from around the world to contribute their skills and expertise to our vibrant football community. Together with the FA, we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and high-standard coaching environment that benefits players, teams, and the broader football community.

Through our support of these programmes, West Riding FA is dedicated to fostering an environment where football thrives on inclusivity, community spirit, and continuous professional development. Together, we can build a vibrant and dynamic football culture that benefits everyone involved.