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It is vitally important to keep yourself up to date with the most recent requirement for insurance in football 

In 2012 The FA carried out a review of insurance across grassroots football which highlighted a lack of guidelines, and prompted the introduction of minimum standards across all Counties. The National Game Insurance Scheme (NGIS) has been designed to address this by raising the standard of insurance covers available and to provide more affordable solutions to grassroots football.

West Riding FA have worked in conjunction with SportsGuard to bring the easiest and cheapest insurance for all Adult & Youth Clubs for season 2017/18

These benefits are designed to provide an entry level of cover giving adult and youth teams the option of increasing your benefits at discounted premiums.


Personal accident insurance for Adult 11-a-side football has been mandatory for a number of years now and has proven to be extremely beneficial in providing protection and financial support to players at grassroots level. The NGIS has paid in excess of £1.5m in claims since it’s inception in July 2012.

Youth Football

With effect from the 2017/18 season, The FA have introduced a minimum mandatory requirement for personal accident insurance for all age groups and formats of youth football.


This can be done at point of affiliation or you can Purchased directly from Sportsguard -

If you contact our football services team then can add an insurance via WGS and invoice you or contact sportsguard directly -

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We have been working hard in conjunction with SportsGuard to bring the easiest and cheapest insurance to all our adult & youth clubs for season 2017/18

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