Youth Football Guide

The FA implemented the Youth Development Review 4/5 seasons ago which fundamentally changed the way we provided youth football. Introducing 5v5, 7v7, 9v9 formats across different age groups, adapting the competition structure to support the development of the player and improve their experiences.

Following up with the continued development of the youth review, please see below attachments of varying formats of a newly designed guide. There is a poster version, leaflet version as well as a mobile friendly version.

The guide includes; playing format, match lengths, player game time, pitch & ball size & competitions.  

Creating the environment so we can all enjoy the game

Football is the greatest game in the world. It is played by more people across the globe than any other sport. For a privileged few, it is how they earn a living. But for the vast majority of people who play the game, it is a fun, leisure activity for all ages, to be enjoyed. We can all help our children enjoy the game more, by creating the right environment. By allowing them to play with freedom. By letting them make mistakes. By encouraging them to make their own decisions. We can simply #LetThemPlay