Referee Promotions

Below is the assessment for referee promotions:

Promotion from Levels 7 to 6 and 6 to 5 shall be based on a Referee’s practical performance on the field of play and other criteria as follows:

  • Written assessments by FA Registered Assessors on a minimum of three games.
  • Club marks from competitions over the age of 16 years over a minimum of 20 games (a minimum of 15 must be in open age competitions) officiated in as a Referee in the marking season.
  • Attend at least one promotion in-service training event.
  • Successful completion of a written examination as determined by The Association.

For consideration to Level 4 at the end of the season, Level 6 to 5 candidates must also:

  • Achieve an average mark of 73 or above on their written assessment.
  • Finish in the top 50% of the referee’s merit table in the Competitions in which they officiate.
  • Have officiated as an assistant referee on at least 5 occasions in a Supply League between 01/03/13 and 28/02/14
  • Pass the standard Contributory League fitness test (March 2014)

Promotion from Level 5 to 4 shall be based on a Referee’s practical performance on the field of play and other criteria as follows:

  • Senior County Referee (Level 5) as at the 1st March 2014
  • Receive at least 5 assessments via the County Football Association (If some County FA's can only achieve 3        assessments then the top 50% of the club mark merit table criteria will remain)
  • Achieve an average assessment mark of 73 or above
  • Referee a minimum of 15 adult male/female matches in total during the period 1st March 2013 - 28th February 2014. This does not include U18 or youth football (these will not be considered by The FA in the decision making process)
  • Must undertake a minimum of 5 appointments as Assistant Referee on adult male/female matches during the period 1st March 2013 - 28th February 2014 (One of the main criticisms of new Level 4 referees is their very limited experience as an assistant referee when they undertake their first lining appointment on a Contributory League match. Although we have used 5 as a minimum I would hope that each referee nominated would get as much lining experience as is practically possible)
  • Must be prepared to referee Saturday and Midweek matches.
  • Any referee removed from the Level 4 list at the end of the season must referee at Level 5 for a full playing season before being nominated for a return to Level 4.
  • Must attend one of a possible 9 regional in-service Nomination Training Sessions, delivered by The Football Association
  • Must successfully complete an examination on the Laws of the Game
  • Successfully complete a Contributory League Assistant Referee Fitness Test between 1st July 2012 – 28th February 2014 prior to nomination. The Standard to be attained is:

        a)       12 minute Continuous Run minimum distance completed 2,600 metres

        b)       2 x 50 metre sprint – max 7.5 seconds for each sprint