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Volunteer Expense Claims

Volunteers are the backbone of grassroots football, giving thousands of hours each season.

In the course of their duties, volunteers can incur various costs, from train fares to petrol cost. West Riding FA appreciate the support provided by our volunteers in ensuring the organisation continues to effectively represent the wants and needs of the game locally and are committed to ensure no volunteer is out of pocket in the course of their duties. 

For the obvious benefit to environment, car sharing is encouraged where possible. 

The following rules apply: 

- Unless supplied in advance, attendance at meetings is by invite only 

- All claims will be verified against the meeting attendance register – attendees are encouraged to ensure their attendance at meetings is recorded 

- Mileage claims are capped at £45p per mile. 

- Train/bus/taxi fares will be reimbursed at face value or at the equivalent of 45p/mile, whichever is less. 

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