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AED Locator

AED Locator

This may help you save the life of a person who has suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. 

Simply knowing the location and postcode of your nearest Public Access Defibrillator may save valuable seconds when ringing the Emergency Services to report a suspected cardiac arrest.  

This helpful online tool helps you locate your nearest AED by simply entering in the postcode of your location.

Step 1: Always find out the postcode of the venue you are attending before you travel.


Step 2 : Log onto and enter your postcode in the POSTCODE SEARCH engine.

Heart Safe

Step 3: Make a note of the location (including postcode) of the nearest listed defibrillator – You will need to supply this to the Emergency Services if requested.

Clubs are advised to provide the location of all first aid equipment, including a defibrillator, on the Pre-Event Information FormThis should be posted on the club website and sent to the nominated representative of any visiting participants in advance of the event.

Here are some other toolkit documents to assist clubs in providing a safe environment for all.

Health and safety Checklist – On the day

Appropriate Persons Matrix

Activity Consent Form

Example Safeguarding Risk Assessment