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Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

West Riding FA's Commitment to ED&I

The West Riding County Football Association is guided by the vision of 'A Game for Everyone,' placing Equality at the forefront of our mission. Recognising football's profound impact on communities, we understand the critical importance of harnessing this influence to create positive outcomes, especially in the present context.

West Riding County Football Association, along with its dedicated staff and board, is unwaveringly committed to promoting Equality. We have implemented a comprehensive Equality Policy that mirrors our collaborations with diverse partners, clubs, leagues, committee members, coaches, volunteers, and referees. This policy ensures that football in West Riding offers a high-quality, equally accessible experience to the entire community.

Our aim is to guarantee that everyone, regardless of background, has the opportunity to enjoy the game and pursue their ambitions and abilities to the fullest extent. Specifically, West Riding County Football Association is dedicated to ensuring equal and respectful treatment for all members of our football community. 
We adopt a zero-tolerance approach to any form of less favourable treatment or discrimination based on Protected Characteristics, as outlined in the Equality Act 2010, including sex, age, disability, ethnicity (including nationality and race), gender reassignment, sexual orientation, religion and belief, pregnancy or maternity, and marriage or civil partnership status.


The FA and County FAs are here to ensure everyone who is involved in football has a great experience – regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, ability or disability, faith or age.

Both the FA and the CFAs are working to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be part of the game. We will all work together on our inclusion priorities over the coming years. These are underpinned by three principles of change:

• ensuring governance and leadership is diverse and modern;
• removing any obstacles to access and progression in coaching, talent development or personal development pathways; and
• enshrining equality, diversity and inclusion in our day to day operations.

In order to make a difference, The FA is running and supporting leadership programmes for women, BAME and young people and will adhere to the Government’s code for governance in sport. We will also examine pathways and promote inclusion and access for coaches, welfare officers, club officials, league officials, players, coaches and tutors; and we will challenge ourselves with measurable targets that deliver on diversity and inclusion outcomes. We will also work with a variety of stakeholders on topics to ensure that people feel safe and included in football.

Meanwhile, there also many programmes across football which support our aims as part of The FA and County FAs wider inclusion programmes which we will continue to deliver.


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Introducing our Community of Practice Ambassadors

We are excited to announce Our Community of Practice (COP) Ambassadors in West Riding. Part of a wider FA initiative, the ambassador’s primary objectives will be to work with the County FA to foster relationships and growth in communities currently underrepresented in the game and ensure that relevant education and support is provided along the way to all.


As the number of Muslim players, coaches, and volunteers within our profession continues to grow, along with the support from Muslim fans, West Riding FA is proud to announce our commitment to the Muslim Athlete Pledge.

Nujum Pledge
Nujum mag

Nujum Sports Magazine

Issue 02 | March 2024

Race Equality Action Plan

This Race Equality Plan is a testament to our commitment to fostering transformative change within the grassroots game across the county. Achieving race equality in football is not only a moral imperative but a collective endeavour that resonates with the core principles of fairness, respect, and unity. This action plan signifies our unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive and diverse football community where every individual, regardless of their background, can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. 

Race Equality Action Plan

Allies United Training for West Riding Clubs & Leagues

Football v Homophobia and Just Eat have teamed up to launch Allies United – an initiative designed to support grassroots football clubs in enabling more inclusivity in the grassroots game. 

Allies United workshop
Proudly working in partnership to kick discrimination out of football


The number of discrimination cases reported into West Riding FA has risen by well over 100% over the past 2 seasons. 

West Riding FA manage the regulatory processes that sits behind any investigation and ensure that all parties involved are supported.

However, we know there is still work to be done to ensure that everyone who needs to report discrimination can do and knows the process, but more importantly to reduce the number of incidences of discrimination in the first place.

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west riding fa inclusion fund

West Riding FA has made an annual financial commitment to support projects that look to engage with under-represented groups. The WRCFA Inclusion Fund aims to support such projects with a small financial grant distributed after a simple application form.


inclusion advisory network

The virtual network aims to connect individuals and/or groups from our communities who are interested in, or play an active role in, promoting Inclusion, diversity and anti-discrimination.  

The network aims to promote the sharing of information on local initiatives, campaigns, interventions and events that may be of interest to the broader network. It will also provide a forum for the West Riding County FA, and members, to disseminate information on local, regional and national initiatives.  


kick it out equality charter

As part of Kick It Out's increased efforts to spreads its message in the amateur game, the organisation is encouraging as many grassroots clubs and leagues as possible to support the fight for equality in football.

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icancoach & icanref

Check out the latest refereeing and coaching stories of individuals in West Riding from many different backgrounds.

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