The Inclusion Advisory Group

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) is a vital committee within the County FA dedicated to integrating inclusivity into our daily operations and county initiatives.

Comprising individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, the IAG ensures our policies and practices embrace diversity by drawing on their expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by those traditionally excluded from football.

At the heart of the IAG's mission is the development of inclusive policies and practices to foster accessible opportunities and engage all segments of our community in football at the grassroots level. Specifically, the IAG:

- Facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices.
- Contributes to the formulation of strategies and policies promoting diversity and inclusion in football participation.
- Collaborates with networks and partnerships to enhance participation across all communities.
- Works towards practical solutions to inclusion challenges.

We have successfully established our Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG), and we currently have two vacant positions for specialists in Disability and LGBTQ practises. If you believe you possess the requisite skills and expertise, we invite you to express your interest by registering using the link below.

IAG Expression Of Interest Form

Our IAG members are:

Jacqueline Kingham (Chair)
Ashraf Wallace (WRCFA ED&I Lead)
Lizzie Saunderson-Trowell (Director of Operations Bradford City Community Foundation)
Dr Daniel Kilvington (Leeds Beckett University)
Asma Iqbal (Partner at Chadwick Lawrence LLP)
Sharron Kaur (Owner of Golden Acre Estates)

Find out more about our IAG members in the profiles below:
IAG member

Jacqueline Kingham 

Jackie is an accomplished professional with over 15 years’ experience in Financial Services at Global Investment Banks and Big4 Management Consulting Firms. She has experience leading global and cross-function teams delivering high programme risk management and transformation programmes. Jackie has always been an advocate for creating diverse and inclusive teams and was regularly involved in the organisation and roll out of EDI initiatives. 

She joined the West Riding FA as an Independent Member of the Board in 2023 where she is also a member of the Audit and Risk, and Remuneration and Nominations Committees. Being a footballer herself and currently playing in the West Riding County Women's League, Jackie brings strong passion and understanding of football at the grassroots level. Jackie is looking to leverage her experience from both inside and outside of the game and bring a fresh perspective to the role, to drive forward positive and meaningful change.

Staff photo

Ashraf Wallace 

Ashraf Wallace joined West Riding FA in November 2023 as the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, leveraging over 20 years of professional experience. A committed Muslim for over 25 years, Ashraf is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and cultural sensitivity within organisations.

During his tenure at West Riding FA, Ashraf has implemented transformative enhancements including a contemplation room, prayer mats, and a Wudu facility to meet diverse religious needs.

Additionally, as Club Secretary of Eccleshill United, Ashraf introduced innovative practices such as designated prayer spaces and halal food options to enhance inclusivity in sports.

With over 21 years at Lloyds Banking Group, Ashraf brings strong financial management and leadership skills. He has also volunteered for over 8 years with Penny Appeal, significantly diversifying fundraising efforts for global challenges.

Having completed all six world major marathons, Ashraf now aims to inspire individuals from underrepresented backgrounds to achieve similar athletic feats and embrace challenges to reach their full potential.

Ashraf Wallace is a visionary leader committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion across professional, community, and personal spheres, leaving a lasting impact on organisations and individuals alike.

IAG member

Lizzie Saunderson-Trowell

Lizzie Saunderson-Trowell is the Director of Operations at Bradford City FC Community Foundation, specialising in operations, compliance, and safeguarding. With 9 years’ experience in the non-profit sector, particularly football, she is passionate about creating positive social impact and empowering communities to achieve their potential. 

She has recently worked on several EDI focused projects including creating a multi-faith and sensory space for fans of the Club, tackling domestic abuse across genders and spearheading the need for translated assets amongst national NCS assets to support young people with English as a second language to access opportunities. Lizzie is constantly on the lookout for ways to expand and enhance her and her team's knowledge and understanding of EDI, regularly seeking, and advocating for further training to support the diverse needs of Bradford.

Asma Iqbal

Asma Iqbal

Asma Iqbal is an Equity Partner and Head of Corporate Recovery and Insolvency at Chadwick Lawrence Solicitors.  This area of practice includes advising business, Directors and Insolvency Practitioners in corporate pre-insolvency and insolvency scenarios.  During 2020 – 2021, Asma represented ex-Yorkshire cricketer, Azeem Rafiq, in his claim of institutional racism against Yorkshire County Cricket Club and, supported by her employment team, secured a settlement in his subsequent employment tribunal.  

Asma won several awards on the success of the high-profile case.  She has now taken on a proactive role to tackle racism and promote inclusion, diversity, and equality, working with institutions to audit their practices, procedures, and behaviours, to help them implement meaningful and lasting change.  Asma supports social mobility for women and for minority ethnic groups through her various voluntary committee and Board roles.  Asma is the diversity and inclusion champion for the Joint Insolvency Service and R3 Diversity and Inclusion Steering Group nationally.  Asma also sits on the INSOL International Diversity and Equity Inclusion Committee.  Asma is the Deputy Business Advisor to the Mayor of West Yorkshire, Tracy Brabin and the Inclusivity Champion and Board Member for West Yorkshire Combined Authority Business Board.  Asma also sits on the West North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce BAME Committee and attends schools and colleges to mentor and talk about her journey, to inspire students embarking on career choices.  

Dr Daniel Kilvington

Dr Daniel Kilvington

Dr Daniel Kilvington is a Reader and Course Director in Media and Cultural Studies at Leeds Beckett University. His teaching and research focuses on ‘race’, racism and anti-racism in sport and new media contexts. He is widely published in academic journals, and is author of five books, including Sport, Racism and social media (2015) and Sport and Discrimination (2017). He is the co-founder of the annual Sport and Discrimination Conference series and has presented a number of keynote papers at academic and industry events. He has secured significant external funding for research with the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the British Academy (BA) and has undertaken research collaborations with stakeholders including the English Premier League (EPL), Kick It Out, Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE), The English Cricket Board (ECB), to name but a few.   

IAG member

Sharron Kaur

Welcome to my football journey! I'm Sharron a passionate ex-football player and dedicated business owner, with a lifelong love for the beautiful game. My football story began at a young age, playing 5, 7, and 11-a-side matches that laid the foundation for my deep connection with the sport.

As a proud former member of West Leeds Ladies, I experienced the camaraderie and competitive spirit of grassroots football. This journey continued as our team merged with Wortley FC, enriching my experience, and solidifying my love for community-based football. These formative years honed my skills and fuelled my passion, enabling me to play at university level and compete across the country.

Being of South Asian heritage, I take immense pride in representing my community in football. My journey is a testament to the opportunities available for aspiring athletes from diverse backgrounds to excel in sports. Balancing my professional career and my commitment to football, I strive to inspire others to pursue their passions regardless of the obstacles they may face.

Through this platform, I aim to share my experiences, insights, and love for football, connecting with fellow enthusiasts and fostering a vibrant community around the sport we all cherish. Join me as I continue to explore the world of football, celebrate its unifying power, and promote the importance of diversity and inclusion in the game.