Appeals Procedure


A Participant can appeal against a decision of the Management Committee of a Sanctioned League, District FA Competition or a County Cup Competition.

Any Intention to Appeal a decision of the Management Committee must be formally submitted West Riding FA within 14 days of the posting of the written notification of the decision causing the appeal. Please find here a link to submit a formal Intention to Appeal -  APPEAL FORM. This notice shall be accompanied by a fee of £25, which may be forfeited in the event of the appeal not being upheld. A copy of the appeal must also be sent to the Secretary of the competition.

The procedure for the appeal is as follows: 

Step 1: Appellant submits the appeal using the standard APPEAL FORM.

  • The Appellant MUST detail the grounds for appeal
  • The Appellant MUST identify the specific decision(s) being appealed
  • The Appellant MUST set out the ground(s) of appeal and the reasons why it would be substantially unfair not to alter the original decision
  • The Appellant MUST set out a statement of the facts upon which the appeal is based

Step 2: West Riding FA invites submissions/responses and/or observations by the parties involved.

Step 3: West Riding FA will convene a hearing to consider the appeal.

Step 4: The Appeals Board will decide on the outcome of the Appeal. The decision is final and binding.

Any appeal shall not involve a rehearing of the evidence considered by the Management Committee.

No appeal can be lodged against a decision taken at an AGM or SGM unless this is on the ground of unconstitutional conduct.