Appeals Procedure



A Participant can appeal against a decision of the Management Committee of a Sanctioned League, District FA Competition or a County Cup Competition.


Any appeal against a decision of the Management Committee must be lodged with West Riding FA within 14 days of the posting of the written notification of the decision causing the appeal, accompanied by a fee of £25, which may be forfeited in the event of the appeal not being upheld. A copy of the appeal must also be sent to the Secretary of the competition.


The procedure for the appeal is as follows: 


Step 1: Appellant submits the appeal using the standard APPEAL FORM.


  • The Appellant MUST detail the grounds for appeal
  • The Appellant MUST identify the specific decision(s) being appealed
  • The Appellant MUST set out the ground(s) of appeal and the reasons why it would be substantially unfair not to alter the original decision
  • The Appellant MUST set out a statement of the facts upon which the appeal is based

Step 2: West Riding FA invites submissions/responses and/or observations by the parties involved.


Step 3: West Riding FA will convene a hearing to consider the appeal.


Step 4: The Appeals Board will decide on the outcome of the Appeal. The decision is final and binding.


Any appeal shall not involve a rehearing of the evidence considered by the Management Committee.


No appeal can be lodged against a decision taken at an AGM or SGM unless this is on the ground of unconstitutional conduct.