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Debt Recovery

Sadly every season players leave clubs and clubs leave leagues/competitions without paying their debts.


The West Riding FA operates in accordance with the FA Football Debt Recovery Regulations to support affiliated clubs and sanctioned leagues and competitions to recoup money owed by players and clubs.

The Football Debt Recovery (FDR) regulations are set nationally by the Football Association. In the event of dispute as to what constitutes a Football Debt, the West Riding FA may, in accordance with the regulations, and in its absolute discretion, determine the matter.

Creditor - means a Club, Competition or local authority which is allegedly owed a Football Debt by an Alleged Debtor

Debtor -  means a Player (except Players who are under 18 years old and play in an Under 18 Competition), Club Official, Official, Manager, Match Official, Management Committee Member, or member or employee of a Club which allegedly owes a Football Debt to an Alleged Creditor

Creditors MUST demonstrate that they have met the following pre-requisites prior to submitting a claim;

Issued a FORMAL REQUEST for payment – this is a notice sent to the debtor informing them that the debt exists and outlining the terms of repayment - The creditor is able to provide evidence of what steps have been taken to recover the debt – Debtors should always be aware that a debt exists and they are required to pay it
Afforded the debtor 28 days from the date of the FORMAL REQUEST to pay the debt
If after the 28 days has lapsed, the debt is still outstanding, the debtor  should be prevented from any further participation – Players / clubs should not be afforded the privilege of further participation whilst debt is owed.

Please note – Where the debt is apportioned across all registered players and officials, only the players and officials registered on Whole Game System will be included.

If a Football Debt has not been recovered within 28 days of the date of the Formal Request, the following action can be taken: 

Step 1: The Creditor submits a notice of claim to West Riding FA with an administration fee of £25 per claim - This fee may be added to the total debt claimed from the Alleged Debtor. 

Step 2: Upon receipt of a valid Notice of Claim, The West Riding FA will take steps to verify whether the Football Debt(s) is payable by the Alleged Debtor to the Alleged Creditor. The West Riding FA shall provide a notification in the form of an email request to the Alleged Creditor and Alleged Debtor within 21 days of receipt of the Notice of Claim.

Step 3: The Debtor has 21 days to pay the outstanding det in full to the creditor directly.

Step 4: If payment of the Football Debt has not been received by the Creditor within 21 days of the date of the Notification, the Alleged Debtor will be automatically suspended from all footballing activity by The West Riding FA until (i) the sum directed to be paid by the West Riding FA has been paid to the Alleged Creditor in full.

Creditors are responsible to inform West Riding FA if the outstanding debt has not been paid within 21 days. Only on receipt of this confirmation will West Riding FA process any suspensions. 



Notice of claim form


FA Football Debt Recovery regulations