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Grass Pitch Improvement


We’re revolutionising the state of grassroots football pitches across England, ensuring that by 2030, grassroots football has 20,000 ‘good’ quality pitches to enjoy.

power up your grass pitch

Click here to find out all the information on how to power up your grass pitch through the Football Foundation.

Pitch Power

Before completing an application for any grass pitch project, you must have completed a pitch inspection using PitchPower and received an assessment report. PitchPower is a web app that puts the power in your hands, making it easy to sign up and carry out pitch inspections. You'll then get a detailed assessment report from the grounds management experts at the GMA with recommendations on improving the quality of your grass pitches.

Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund

A fund providing six-year tapered grants to help eligible clubs and leagues enhance or sustain the quality of their grass pitches. You'll just need to complete a PitchPower inspection for each of the grass pitches you want funding for before you're able to apply. To find out more about the Fund and how to apply, click here.

Funding For Grass Pitch Maintenance Machinery And Equipment

Effective machinery and equipment are essential for maintaining quality grass pitches. The Football Foundation can provide grants that help with the purchase of new and previously owned pitch maintenance machinery/equipment recommended through your PitchPower Assessment Report.

West Riding FA Groundskeeping Community

Join a community of experts. The Football Foundation Groundskeeping Community is a free platform that helps connect you to expert grass pitch knowledge and support. The West Riding FA Groundskeeping Community is an open group for those who have an interest in groundskeeping, or are involved in grass pitch maintenance at any level (e.g. grassroots football grounds staff/volunteers, professional groundskeepers or grassroots club officials). A place to share best practice, seek support/advice and connect with other groundskeepers across various levels of the game.