Letters From America Land in Leeds

Wetherby Athletic Girls are thrilled to be taking part in an exciting new development that sees them starting a PenPal letter exchange with two...

Girls aged 6-10 will be writing to Pittsfield Soccer Club Girls U10s and Lenox Dragons Girls U10s, both in the Massachusetts area. The connection was made through a former coach who has since departed for America,

When asked why they were taking part in the PenPal scheme and what they were looking forward to most, Claudia (U10s) said "I am looking forward to making a new friend and finding out about life in America. I have already learnt that playing in 'offense' means playing in an attacking position",

 Isobel (U10s) said "I'm very excited about having an American Penpal because I can't wait to find out how they play football" whilst Rachel (U10s) added "I have always wanted to write to someone in another country. All my friends have had a pen pal and I wondered what it would be like. I am excited and looking forward to writing to Ellen. It's really cool".

Pete Hall, manager of Wetherby U16's said "I think this is a fantastic opportunity for our girls to do something innovative and different. We all remember having Penfriends in our own childhoods, but in the modern age of Social Media the experience of actually writing a letter has been forgotten"

Phil Wilkinson who looks after the U10 age group commented "As soon as we suggested this to the girls and their parents the reaction was incredible. We have over 30 girls wanting to take part from the outset which is over half the squad"

Lizzie Wright (U8s manager) added "This link with America allows the girls to take part in the wider football community from a young age and will allow them to share their experiences."

The first letters arrived from America last week and the Wetherby Girls are now busy writing the first replies!

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