Australian Referees To Cover Some County Cup Fixtures!

9 Australian Referees will be covering some of our County Cup fixtures this weekend.

Australian Referees To visit West Riding!

We have 9 Referees visiting West Riding this weekend from Australia to cover some of our County Cup Fixtures.

The Referees from Football West will be accompanied by Australian and English coaches and some West Riding FA members will be supporting the event.

It will be a great experience for the officials to see the English game played at grassroots level.

We hope it will also be a good experience for all teams to see how international officials see our football.

We have also appointed Assistant Referees to all the fixtures, normally Assistant Referees would not be appointed at this stage of the competition but the West Riding Referees Committee has sanctioned the appointments.

The Committee has also said that the match fee for the Assistant Referees will be paid by the County FA and not the clubs, and all the expenses will also be paid by WRCFA for all the officials.

Mark Haywood, Referee Development Officer said “We are looking forward to the visit and it will be good for not only the officials but for the clubs involved. It will be an invaluable experience for them to experience Cup Football in West Riding. It will be a challenge for them and we are sure that it will be a challenge they will enjoy".

The visit is also in conjunction with North Riding CFA & Ian Blanchard Enterprises who arranged the visit.

Here are the fixtures the Referees will be covering:


Swillington v Throne

Hunslet res v Crackenedge

Whitkirk v Rimington


Keighley town v Crossflats  

Keighley Crusaders V Hunslet Club Sundays

Keighley Athletic V Heaton