County Cup Fixtures

2018/19 fixtures are now available!

West Riding County Cups Draw now live on Full Time

The draw for the following competitions are now live;


  • County Cup
  • Challenge Cup
  • Challenge Trophy
  • Sunday Cup
  • Sunday Trophy
  • Junior Cup
  • Junior Trophy
  • Junior Shield


All fixtures can be viewed here


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The rules the govern all Cup Competitions can be viewed here


Please note – The rules have been updated for season 2018-19.


After each match, all competing clubs must complete a Post- Match Report Form online 


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions reference below.

Frequently asked questions

No. Where Assistant Referees are not appointed by the West Riding FA, each Club must appoint 1 x Club Assistant Referee. Failure to do so will result in the Club being fined in accordance with the Standard Fines list (Standard Fine 4).

Yes. In the case of postponed matches, only those players who were eligible to play in the original match are eligible to play in the re-arranged fixture.  This does not include suspensions arising from disciplinary action.


In the case of postponed or abandoned matches, the Match Officials appointed for the original game shall be expected to officiate in the re-arranged game

Yes. In exceptional circumstances, a team may submit a written application to the West Riding FA to register an emergency goalkeeper to play in a match who does not comply with the eligibility criteria. The West Riding FA and Club Secretary of the opposing team must be notified in writing at least 48 hours before the date of the match and The West Riding FA will consider all applications. Both teams will be notified of the decision in writing before the match.

The fixtures, scores, referee appointments and post-match forms can be viewed via the ‘Cups’ tab on the West Riding FA Website ( by selecting the appropriate competition.

Yes. Prior to the draw being made, a club can withdraw a team from the competition without penalty and with a full refund of the entry fee. Any Club withdrawing a team from a competition after the draw is made may be subject to a fine of up to £100.

Applications to change the fixture date/time must be made via email to  All applications will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis. Submitting an application does not constitute approval of the West Riding FA.  

A Below is a checklist of actions that clubs need to take:

  • Clubs must acknowledge fixtures. Any Club failing to do so shall incur a fine in accordance with the fines detailed in the Standard Fines list (Standard Fine 6)
  • The home Club shall at least 5 days prior to the date agreed to play the match provide the Secretary of the opposing club, Referees and Assistant Referees with match specific information, including details of the ground and kit colours. Clubs failing to do so shall be fined in accordance with the fines detailed in the Standard Fines List (Standard Fine 7).
  • The Away team must contact the Home team for this information if it has not been provided within the timeframes above. Clubs failing in this respect shall be fined in accordance with the fines detailed in the Standard Fines List (Standard Fine 7).

Please refer to Annex Table 2 of the rules. The team drawn first shall pay the Referee/Assistant Referee’s fees after the Match up to the Semi-Final rounds. With the exception of the County Cup Competition, all Semi-Final and Final Match Official’s Fee & Expenses shall be paid for by the Association


Appointed Officials shall be paid half of their match fee and travelling expenses at 30p/mile if they attend the ground and the match is not played.

Where the appointed Referee or Assistant Referee fails to appear, or is unable to continue with their duties, both Clubs must agree to a replacement Match Official. Clubs failing to agree shall be liable to a fine in accordance with the fines detailed in the Standard Fines List (Standard Fine 5).

Yes. Match officials are appointed to all fixtures in all rounds of all competitions . Unfortunately, on occasions, where Kick Off times are amended and/or fixtures are re-arranged (with the prior approval of the West Riding FA), an appointed Match Official cannot be guaranteed. 

Clubs must seek the approval of West Riding FA prior to amending the KO time and/or fixture date.

Unfortunately not. Clubs have the opportunity to enter teams into County Cup competitions between May and August each year. 

Yes. A player playing for any Team at Step 6 of the National League System or above within the period of 28 days prior to the date a match is played in this competition is ineligible for that fixture.

No. Extra time will not be played in any competition. In all matches, if the score is still level at Full Time, kicks from the penalty mark shall be taken to determine the winner, in accordance with the procedure adopted by The International Football Association Board (IFAB). 

A Rule 4 of the County Cup Rules covers player eligibility.

  • Other than in the County Cup no player under written contract is eligible to play in any competition
  • No Player shall be eligible to play for more than 1 Club in the same competition, in any one Season. Subject to Rule 4.4, if a Club enter more than 1 team into grouped competitions (see Rule 1.2.b for a definition of grouped competitions) a Player may play for more than 1 team from the same Club in any one season, in grouped Competitions.
  • To be eligible to play in any match in a competition, each individual:
    • Must have been registered to play for the Club at least 7 clear days’ before the date a match is played;
    • Must have played previously for the Club in a recognised League or Cup game in the current season;
    • Must have been eligible to play in a round of the competition preceding the Semi-Final, in order to be eligible to play in the Semi-Final or Final (please note that Rule 4.3.c does not apply in a Senior County Cup Competition, Junior Girls Cup and Junior Girls Trophy);


  • Players having played in the County Cup Competition in the same season will not be eligible to play in the Challenge Cup or the Challenge Trophy.
  • Players having played in the Challenge Cup in the same season will not be eligible to play in the Challenge Trophy.
  • Players having played in the Sunday Cup in the same season will not be eligible to play in the Sunday Trophy
Rule 4.2 does not apply in the Junior or Senior (County Cup and Women’s County Cup) Competitions. In these Competitions a player cannot play for more than 1 team in the same Competition. 

For Semi-Final and Final ties Junior teams are required to provide details of any individual requiring access to the Changing Room area or Technical area. Please refer to rule 7.11 for confirmation of the number of individuals permitted into the Changing Room area and Technical Area. These individuals must comply with the minimum safeguarding requirements of a valid CRC. Any individual who fails to meet the requirements will not be permitted in the Changing Rooms, Technical Area or field of play.


In all rounds of the competition the ID card (produced for participation in a league competition), or other satisfactory*proof of date of birth, of each player taking part in the match must be produced by the nominated representative of each competing Club to the nominated representative of the opposing Club, prior to the commencement of each match.

Yes. A player under written contract including Trainee/Scholarship players, or those registered at Academies licensed by the Football Association or Centres of Excellence licensed by the Football League, shall not be eligible to compete. Please see Annex Table 3 in the Cup Competitions Rules for details of the age ranges for each junior Competition

The referee’s decision as to the fitness of the ground shall be final, except where a local authority or landowner deems the pitch unplayable (evidence of such may be requested by the Association). In each case, the opponents and the referee must be notified immediately if a pitch is deemed unplayable. The Association must be notified within 24 hours (not including Sundays) of any game being deemed unplayable.


Every effort must be made by both clubs to play the game on the agreed date. This includes the option of playing the match on the grounds of the first and second-named clubs, or playing the match at a neutral ground. In using its powers under Rule 8, the Association will take into consideration the efforts made by either or both clubs before making its decision.

Yes with discretion. Football Turf pitches (3G) are allowed in all Competitions providing they meet the required performance standards and are listed on the FA’s Register of Football Turf pitches. The home Club is also responsible for advising participants of footwear requirements when confirming match arrangements. Clubs refusing to play on a 3G pitch will be charged with non-fulfilment of fixture. 

Teams are notified using the automated FA Full Time notification functionality. It is important that the email address registered with the system is correct. The ‘owner’ of the email address is responsible for forwarding notifications to interested parties. 

Below is a simple checklist for match day responsibilities of clubs:


  • Equipment - The Home Club shall provide at least 2 suitable footballs for the playing of any match, unless in the Semi-Final and Final where played at a neutral venue. Clubs failing to comply with this decision shall be fined in accordance with the fines detailed in the Standard Fines list (Standard Fine 3).
  • Playing Kit Where the colours of 2 competing Clubs are similar, the away Club must change. Where this occurs in a Semi-Final or Final match, both teams must change. It remains that teams under the jurisdiction of the West Riding County Football Association cannot wear black shirts.
  • Playing Kit - Shirts shall be numbered and the number on each player’s shirt shall correspond with that on the team list and match result sheet. There shall be no duplicate numbers.
  • The Captain - The Captain of each team shall wear a distinguishing armband to indicate their status.
  • Team Lists - The nominated representatives of each Club shall supply to the Referee in the Match Official’s dressing room, and to the Nominated Representatives of the opposing Club, a written list of players taking part in the match. The numbers on the team sheet must correspond with the numbers on the individual Player's shirt. The written list must be provided in accordance with the times contained in Annex Table 3.
  • Team Lists (Junior Competitions) - For Semi-Final and Final ties, junior teams must submit team lists of all eligible players together with date of births for each player at least 5 working days prior to the match

Reporting Result  -Each club shall send the result of the match, with the full names of their players competing and goal scorers, together with the marking of the Referee's performance to be received by the Association within 2 days of the match (not including Sundays).

Match Report Form- The match report forms are only available for download from the ‘Cups’ tab on the West Riding County FA website ( Match Report Forms should be completed electronically and emailed to the email address relevant to the competition. In exceptional circumstances, Match Report forms will be accepted through the post to the Association.

Referees Mark - Teams must submit a mark out of 100 for the match referee on the Match Report Form (above). When a mark of 60 or lower is awarded, an explanation must be provided to the WRCFA using the Match Report Form. The purpose of this is to assist Referees to improve their performance levels, so the comments should be as helpful as possible