West Riding County FA Launches Inclusion Advisory Network

West Riding County FA launches inclusion advisory network (IAN).


West Riding County FA has launched its first Inclusion Advisory Network (IAN). The virtual network aims to connect individuals and/or groups from our communities who are interested in, or play an active role in, promoting Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination.


The Network will aim to promote the sharing of information on local initiatives, campaigns, interventions and events that may be of interest to the broader network. It will also provide a forum for the West Riding County FA, and members, to disseminate information on local, regional and national initiatives.

The IAN will provide a voice to individuals and/or organisations and the communities they represent, amplifying their priorities and concerns. The network will exist to support and connect people, bringing together passionate and likeminded individuals to build new relationships, share best practice and foster new opportunities. This will be through practical on the ground support and virtual facilitation, and the network will provide a modern, dynamic, and vibrant champion of Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-Discrimination.

Objectives of the network are outlined below;


  1. Advance equality of opportunity amongst all our communities.
  2. Foster good relationships with, and between, all our communities.
  3. Eliminate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation.
  4. Increase the diversity of football’s talent pool.
  5. Clarify regulations and sanctions related to discriminatory behaviour .
  6. Instil confidence in the reporting and subsequent handling of discrimination cases and enable transparency of the outcomes.


By expanding our reach beyond West Riding County’s original Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG), we hope to increase engagement and better our knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. By doing so we hope to able to offer targeted and tangible support to a greater number of initiatives and identify our own interventions that will complement the collective efforts of the network.


West Riding County FA commits to:

  • Providing the network with quarterly updates on Inclusion, Diversity and Anti-discrimination work by both the County FA and the wider network.
  • Maintaining a database of member individuals and organisations that can be accessed by the network.


By joining the network, you will not be expected to:

  • Attend meetings or events in person (unless you request to)
  • Undertake work on behalf of West Riding FA
  • Pay any fees
  • Fulfill any annual requirements to remain part of the network


To join the network, please click on the link below to submit your details. Asad Qureshi (Football Development Officer – Inclusion) will contact you to discuss your involvement and expectations moving as part of the network.


 Join network