Is Your Insurance Adequate?

All Amateur clubs affiliated to the West Riding County Football Associations Ltd [West Riding FA] are covered under the West Riding FA Public Liability Scheme with the majority of clubs also members of the West Riding FA Personal Accident Scheme. Both schemes are provided by Sportsguard (www.sportsguard.co.uk) and meet the mandatory requirements as prescribed by the Football Association. The policy is strictly for amateur clubs and DOES NOT cover contracted players.


‘Player to Player’ cover is a term used to define a situation where a claim arises from one player injuring another whilst participating in a game or training. Player to Player Liability is NOT available to purchase in the UK anymore as the risk is far too high and the premium fees would be cost prohibitive for grassroots clubs. The West Riding FA Policy therefore excludes Player to Player Liability; however does include £200,000 legal defence costs to defend a case.


The recent land mark case involving Ossett United involved a claim against a semi-professional football club with contracted players. Although the player wasn’t contracted, he was paid expenses but at a value in excess of reasonable out of pocket expenses. This constituted a employee - employer relationship. This relationship does not exist in the amateur grassroots game where players are non-contracted.


The Policy provided by West Riding FA in partnership with Sportsguard Insurers is more than adequate for grassroots amateur football clubs.