CC Final

County Cup Final Match Officials Announced

West Riding FA would like to congratulate the following Match Officials on their County Cup Final appointment


Senior County Cup 

Referee: Dave Richardson
Assistant 1: Mick Denton
Assistant 2: Jamie Waters
4th Official: Ian Johnston



Challenge Cup

Referee: Darius Bradley
Assistant 1: Kevin o'donnell
Assistant 2: Mark Findlay
4th Official: Jason Payne



Challenge Trophy

Referee: Gav Hock
Assistant 1: Christine Forsythe
Assistant 2: Paul Jarvis
4th Official: Nigel Stroud



Sunday Cup

Referee: Henry Naylor
Assistant 1: Joe Moss
Assistant 2: Luca Caggiano
4th Official: John Mchale



Sunday Trophy

Referee: Brandon Blackham
Assistant 1: Anthony Mcloughlin
Assistant 2: Matthew Stewart
4th Official: Marc O'Holloran


Womens County Cup

Referee: Jane Simms
Assistant Referee 1: Emma Taylor
Assistant Referee 2: Dannielle Whitworth
4th Official: Lucy Haskell


U18 Minor Cup

Referee: Wayne Niles
Assistant 1: Paul Milosevic
Assistant 2: Jason Smith
4th Official: Nick Coleman


U16 Junior Cup

Referee: Sam Bragg
Assistant 1: Peter Braybrooke
Assistant 2: Robert Frost
4th Official: Patrick Mctigue


U14 Junior Trophy

Referee: Richard Armstead
Assistant 1: Sergio Galasso
Assistant 2: Thomas Mallon
4th Official: Manjinder Rayat

U12 Junior Shield

Referee: Paul Long 
Assistant 1: Bradley Dunne
Assistant 2: James Wedlinscky
4th Official: Ian Preston 


U16 Girls Junior Cup

Referee: Ashley Mallet
Assistant 1: Keiran Marsh
Assistant 2: Thomas Day
4th Official: Jeffrey Martin


U14 Girls Junior Trophy

Referee: Carl Ridyard
Assistant 1: Targol Fayyaz
Assistant 2: Erica Boswell
4th Official: Matthew Brooke


Mark Haywood, Referee Development Officer at West Riding FA, said "I would like to extend a massive congratulations to all match officials who have this year received a Cup Final appointment. It is an appropriate reward for those who have excelled throughout the season. From myself and everyone here at West Riding FA, we hope that you enjoy the great experience and wish you all well for the game.”


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