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West Riding FA - Player Registrations Update

Firstly, we would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you are doing as a volunteer, particularly in regard to the Player Registration system, we know it hasn’t been easy.

As the football season is nearly upon us, we thought we would share the update below around the common errors that  you may be facing and the steps to take to resolve them.

West Riding FA is committed to supporting all volunteers with any queries that they may have. Whilst the system errors may have stretched staff and volunteers alike, we will continue to endeavor to get your emails / tickets resolved for you as soon as possible.

Throughout August we have on average responded to tickets within 1 working day (7 hours) and resolved them within 2 working days , with the majority dealt with and resolved within 5 working hours.


Phone lines are very busy currently, we advise email into info@westridingfa.com to get quick support!


We are aware that the FA Grassroots Technology Service Desk has got a severe backlog of tickets. If you have an on-going ticket please forward it to info@westridingfa.com

Going forward, we would advise that you email West Riding FA first to try and resolve any issues you may have.

Table of errors with their possible solutions





Who to contact

Page freezes on update details including adding new photo


Player Photos

Resolved – Should allow new photos to be uploaded



New photos not saving or system still asking for new photos

Player Photos


The system is picking up an error with the photo. Please make sure it is Head & Shoulders, no other people in the photo and a blank background

Please contact info@Westridingfa.com if error continues

Photo’s missing from squad list


Player Photos


Currently under investigation – No solution at the moment


No Parent/Carer error when Parent/carer is attached



On-Going – Multiple attempts to fix has taken place with another due this week

Clubs will need to cancel the pending action, Add parent in again and re add the player to the team.


Please contact info@Westridingfa.com if error continues

Parent/ Carer with no email



Please try and add email via the email capture tool, if not successful please email West Riding

Email info@Westridingfa.com

With the below details;




Page sticks on “Ready to Go”




Some users will need to ensure they’re logged out of WGS, clear cache then head direct to clubs.thefa.com


Please contact info@Westridingfa.com if error continues

Blocked logging into the clubs portal



Please clear cache and cookies on the browser

Please email info@Westridingfa.com

Consent email with wrong child name


Email Consent


Consent is going to correct parent - Fix due to be released imminently

Please wait for fix due and if continues please email info@Westridingfa.com

Exports not downloading


Players/ Exports

On- Going

Player export now working in club & competition portal

However due to speed, may crash. A new method is currently being tested

If error persists when trying at quieter times please email info@Westridingfa.com


Unable to assign player to a team



Currently under investigation

Please email info@westridingfa.comWe will be able to resolve this issue for you. Please try and email all issues within one email to speed up the support process

Registration cannot be submitted as team is not yet entered into a league competition



Solution Found

Please email info@westridingfa.com with the below details
Team name

We will be able to resolve this for you


Player approved but showing Registered but in orange ( not green)



Please go to the pending action and cancel request (duplication of submissions)


Player not pulling through to full Time/ Matchday

Players/ League


If your player is missing please complete this form for each player. Click Here


LEAGUE: Error 500 on approving/ Cancelling registrations


League approval


Fix due for 27/08/2021 – Issue will then be monitored

If error persists after 27/08/2021- please contact Info@westridingfa.com


Manager no access to Full time and/or Matchday



The individual needs to hold one of the below roles on the whole game system to be able to access Matchday & Full Time

Team Manager

Team assistant manager

Team Coach

Team Assistant coach

Team Secretary (Full Time Only)