Garforth Junior Football League Achieve Kick It Out Equality Charter

garforth junior football league achieve kick it out equality charter


The Garforth Junior Football League has successfully achieved Kick It Out’s Equality Charter which is the first step for grassroots football clubs and leagues to commit to putting equality and diversity at the forefront of their plans.


The Charter will help the League decide how they can create inclusive and diverse environments for everybody involved with the league, whether that’s players, coaches, parents or officials. The League will also receive access to education workshops and guidance from Kick It Out’s Grassroots and Reporting Teams.


Arran Williams from Kick It Out commented “What’s probably most impressive about the league is the drive from Russ Mellor and the sheer number of clubs who have already signed up on the back of this. There is a real appetite amongst these clubs to not only sign the charter, but to also do something with it. We’ve had requests for material around reporting, education workshops and guidance on strategic direction around inclusion already, and these will all help make the game a better place”.


Russ Mellor from The Garforth Junior League added “For too long we have talked about change through equality and diversity, and although we as a community in grassroots football have made good strides, now is the time to drive it forward and make a real difference in the hope we can use grassroots to impact all levels of the game. We need to learn and we need to educate, but most importantly we need to work together as it's the only way we can have a real chance of change. No matter who we are, and where we are from, we are all equal. My hope is that every time someone turn up to a venue, they see the Kick It Out logo and knows we are working together and working towards a safe environment. It's Their Game, Let The Kids Play.”


To find out more about the Equality Charter please visit here or contact Arran Williams, Kick It Out’s Northern Grassroots Officer at