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Friendly Matches, Suspensions & Festivals

With football returning on the 29th March, we aware many clubs will be looking to play friendlies as soon as possible. 


For a friendly, both teams must be affiliated with a County FA unless it is a charity match, then the team must contact West Riding FA to purchase the insurance required. 


We understand that time is limited for many people, so we have set up a new process for clubs to see if the friendly can go ahead, quick and easy 


As both teams need to be affiliated to play in a friendly, the only check you need to do is use the 'find a club' search function below for your opposition. 


  1. If the team comes up, then the friendly is satisfactory to go ahead.

    If the team does not show, then the match cannot be played as the team is not affiliated & insured.



Please see the graphic below for a greater understanding of suspensions:






Festivals & Galas are permitted under the guidance released on the 24th March 2021. However, all events must have the following in place:

  • Following the most recent Coronavirus guidelines
  • Risk assessment completed, with particular attention drawn to the social distancing for players when not playing matches and for all spectators ( if permitted under the guidance) - Template risk assessment
  • Completed the West Riding Festival sanction form, including submitted risk assessment - Complete Form Here
  • Liaised with a West Riding staff member to deem the suitability of the tournament - Email Info@Westridingfa.com

Festivals and Galas will only be permitted to go ahead with the assurances that all guidelines will be followed and put in place. If West Riding deems it unsafe to run a festival or Gala, the event will not be sanctioned and must not run.