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Meet Sands United Huddersfield

We recently had a chat with Sands United Huddersfield Founder Alex to learn more about the team.


Who are Sands United Huddersfield?

Sands United FC Huddersfield is a team set up to support men that have lost a baby during or after pregnancy.

Men are lacking in support following the loss of a baby and this team allows men to grieve whilst playing football.

No skill, ability, fitness or experience is needed.

We welcome men for the cause rather than the football.

We also welcome men affected that might not have been directly affected but touched by loss such as brothers, cousins, uncles, wedding best men of babyloss dads etc as well as men that have lost a sibling. 

How and why were Sands United Huddersfield created?

I created the club after my wife and I lost 3 babies.

I found the support lacking for men and wanted to help myself and others.

I did 3 events for Sands raising funds.

Then I saw the information about Sands United being set up in other parts of the country and as none were local I made my own. 

I live in Heckmondwike West Yorkshire but Sands United FC Huddersfield accepts players from all over West Yorkshire. 

What do you do to support your players? 

The team has a group chat where the lads can chat about football in general then the next chat might be about a loss anniversary, a way a lad is feeling, sharing photos, sharing feelings. 

At training and games the lads talk as well as sharing as much as they want, when they want to. 

The important thing is there is no pressure to share.

All a player has to do is come along and play football.

If they want to open up after that it will be well received.

If they don't, no one will be making them talk. 

What do you do to raise awareness?

We run multiple events throughout the year to raise awareness and funds. 

The lads all have their own shirt with their child's name or stars under the badge. 

We also are very active on social media trying to spread our message to other dad's. 

We have leaflets that are with a lot of local maternity units at hospitals that invite men to get in contact. 

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