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CEO Update

A note from Our CEO Hannah Simpson, 


We are looking to refresh/restructure our voluntary decision making structures at West Riding FA and I’d like your input and opinion. 

West Riding FA have a huge responsibility and privilege in developing, governing and regulating the game and we have a collective responsibility that our decision making structures are fit for purpose. I am working with the Board here at West Riding to shine a spotlight on our current structures and check and challenge if our current set up helps or hinders us in making decisions to best serve the game.

We are keen to hear from interested people and groups on their experience of the current volunteer led decision making groups at West Riding FA (I.e Board, Council, Committees). This feedback will inform and enrich a subsequent consultation paper on potential updates to the structure in line with the FA Code of Governance that will be presented to the wider voting membership in early 2022. 

The focus group should last no longer than one hour. I will kick off with a whistle-stop tour of our current structure and a short verbal commentary on the theory behind how the structure is intended to work and you will be invited to express your views on the following; 

1. How relevant the current structure is to you 
2. What’s good about the current structure?
3. Is there anything in the current structure which you can’t live with or which you believe compromises West Riding FAs ability to best serve grassroots football?
4. What other options (structure or otherwise) are there that we can explore to better connect with those involved grassroots football and those that are affected by our work? 

Your collective views will be used to help us understand the needs and expectations of the grassroots community that we serve and will be presented to the wider membership to help shape proposals to refresh/restructure the decision making/consultative structures at West Riding FA. 

If you would like to take part in a focus group please register here – CLICK HERE. More background information will be sent to those confirming attendance before the focus group takes place. 

Thank you for your continued support.