Injury Prevention Webinar

Injury Prevention Secrets Webinar

Calling all coaches

Special webinar reveals: "Injury Prevention Secrets Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know".

On this brand new special web class training, improving player performance and injury prevention expert, Sarah J Pitts, reveals exactly how to:

  • Field your best team consistently all season long without injuries getting in the way
  • Develop player skills quickly
  • Keep the best players on the field
  • Create a bigger pool of great players
  • Get great results with limited time and resources
  • Stop injuries from disrupting the season
  • Make the most of every training session
  • Keep players playing
  • Win more matches than they lose
  • Compete fairly against teams with more time, money and resources

These are the injury prevention and improving player performance behind the scenes secrets competitors pray you never discover!

And get this, if you're a football coach who has ever thought "injuries are somebody else's responsibility", "injuries are complex and difficult to learn about", or "preventing injuries will eat into my players' training time"... this will be the most important training you'll watch all year!

The online webinar will take place on Monday 1st November at 7pm.

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