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iCanPlay: Mia Enderby Q&A

Former Eccleshill Junior Blues player Mia from Bradford joined the team as the only girl in the team, she now plays for Sheffield United Women and plays for England U17

Tell us about how and why you got involved in playing football?

I have loved football since I was little, my mum always had football on at home and my love for the game grew and grew.

I joined a local boys U10's team when I was 8 but could only train with them as I was too young to play and there weren't any other teams for me to join.

A year later I signed to play with Eccleshill Junior Blues as the only girl on the team in the U9's and then in the U10's and U11's too.

I also played in a mixed team with my primary school Wellington Primary.

It was my then PE Teacher Mr Edwards who arranged for me to attend a training session at the PDC in Leeds as he said I had lots of talent and wanted me to experience playing in a girls team.

I was invited to join the PDC which I did for the remaining 7 sessions and at the end of the course I was encouraged to trial for Leeds RTC U12's, which I did and was successful.

Mia eccleshill

Mia Enderby playing for Eccleshill Junior Blues 

Who have you played football for and who do you play for now?

I have played for Eccleshill Junior Blues, Leeds United RTC from U12's through to the U16's and then signed straight for Sheffield United Women.


What do you enjoy about playing football?

I enjoy everything about playing football, I literally eat, breathe and sleep football.

I enjoy the competitiveness of the game, I love continually learning and developing my game, I enjoy playing as a team having their support, knowledge and experience around me and I really enjoy keeping myself fit and the psychical aspects of football.


Who are your role models in football?

My role models are Steph Houghton and Lionel Messi.

Steph is a player I aspire to be like.

She is a great leader, she works hard to stay at the top of her game and I would love to one day play for England at Senior level too.

Messi is also one of my role models as I have grown up watching him play, I love his creativity and skill.

Mia Steph

Mia with her role model Steph Houghton

What are your greatest achievements in playing football and why?

My greatest achievements in playing football so far are playing for England in the U14's through to the current U17's.

Playing in the UEFA Women's U17's EURO Championship was fantastic, having the opportunity to represent my Country is always a dream come true.

Signing with Sheffield United Women who play in The FA Women's Championship at only 16 was a great achievement for me, to have others have that level of belief in me to want me to sign for them makes me proud of all my hard work and gives me so much more confidence.

I am so grateful to them for giving me this opportunity, scoring my first senior goal was great too.


Mia currently plays for Sheffield United Women in The FA Women's Championship

What are your goals for the future?

My goals for the future are to continue to work hard, to learn, to develop into the best player that I can be, to have a long successful playing career at the top level and to represent England at Senior level.


What are the biggest obstacles you have faced in playing football?

The biggest obstacles that I have faced in playing football were the lack or non-existence of local teams for me to join.

Having no information or any idea where to find information on girls football was difficult as I didn't know if there was anything I was missing out on.


I also constantly had to prove myself more than everyone else as I was often told girls can't play football and often treated unfairly and verbally abused by players who didn't see me as another footballer and got angry at being beaten as what they saw as a girl playing football.

This was hard at the time but I do believe it made me into the player I am today, it definitely pushed me to be more determined to succeed an to constantly give 110%.

Who’s had the biggest influence on you as a footballer and why?

Definitely my mum, she is and always has been my biggest fan.

She has always made sure I've got to and from every training session and game for the last 8 years, never missing a chance to support me from the sidelines come sun, rain or snow.

Her continued belief in my ability and willingness to travel anywhere for me has allowed me to develop.

She gives me confidence, helpful advice and has given me some constructive criticism over the years but all for my own good.

I really appreciate everything she has done and continues to do to help me achieve my dreams. 

What advice would you give to other young footballers out there who dream of playing Women’s Championship Football and represent England like you?

I would advise other young footballers to always work hard in every session and game, to embrace any opportunity to develop, to ensure they make healthy life style choices, to use any obstacle as a positive to become better and to never give up on their dreams.