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Veterans Football Turn Up & Play Centre

Veterans Football Turn Up & Play Centre Coming Soon

We are looking to set up a 'Turn up & Play' event weekly where you just inform us if you wish to attend and we would then arrange a match depending on numbers attending that night e.g. 5v5/7v7/9v9 or 11v11. 

This is opportunity to turn up and play a match with like-minded people but also for those who are not comfortable joining a team or want that more flexible format.

Venue: St John Fishers, Oxford Road, Dewsbury WF13 4LL
Day: Every Monday – Starting Monday 24th January
Time: 7-9pm (Arrive for 7, warm up and setting up teams then a 1 hour fixture)
Age: 35+ only
Price: Free for first 6 weeks of the programme running then £3 per week

How will it work and how do I book on.

Every Friday we will issue a WhatsApp message to all the contacts we have interested in veterans football, you will just need to response with 'Yes', this will confirm your attendance at the next match.

What if I don’t have WhatsApp?

We advise you download WhatsApp to be able to quickly respond to the request. However if notify you us via email we can drop you a text message instead.

I want to be remove from this list.

When we send the WhatsApp message, please notify us and we will remove you from the list.

Will my number be shared with others?

No, your number will not be shared with anyone else, the message will be sent privately.

The venue is too far for me but I am interested.

 Let us know via WhatsApp where you are located, if we get enough in that area we will reach out and formulate something in your area. We will also remove your from message list for Dewsbury.


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