West Riding FA Partner With Action For Sport

West Riding FA Partner With Action For Sport 

We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Action For Sport, a national charity dedicated to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in sport. 

The charity aims to encourage people to participate in sport which should result in a positive impact on their physical and mental health, and advance amateur sport and personal development. 

Action for Sport are determined to prevent poverty being a barrier to anyone playing sport.  

The charity is also committed to protecting and preserving the environment through the recycling of sporting footwear, clothing and equipment. 

We are encouraging all players, coaches and match officials across West Riding to donate any outgrown/unwanted boots or trainers to Action For Sport who then distribute to those who need it most in our society. 

On partnering with Action For Sport, Head of Football Development at West Riding FA, Jo de Tute, said “When I first met Clive and Andrew from Action For Sport, it was really clear that they had a desire and passion to help anyone who wanted to get involved in grassroots sports, but for one reason or another, this was maybe not possible.  

Their enthusiasm was contagious, and it was very easy to make the decision to create a partnership with them.  

As a County FA we will have a dedicated Action For Sport donation bin based down at our HQ where we would ask those from across the game to donate any unwanted football boots or trainers that could be reused by those who need it most – this could be football boots and trainers that might end up thrown at the back of a cupboard or maybe children have grown out of them but they still have plenty of wear left in them. 

Let’s do this together and make a difference.” 

On partnering with West Riding FA, Co-Founder of Action For Sport, Clive Michallat, said “The partnership between Action for Sport and the West Riding FA is a massive one.  

The time is today, the time was yesterday, and the time is tomorrow to become that sporting Samaritan, to help change a life.  

An act of kindness is priceless and it costs nothing. 

It’s looking within our communities and helping others that have very little because that’s the right thing to do." 

For anyone involved in grassroots football who would like to donate any unwanted boots or trainers to Action For Sport, please use the donation bin located at West Riding FA Headquarters (West Riding FA, Fleet Lane, Woodlesford, LS26 8NX).

It is located in the staff car park at our facility, next to the building. 

Access to the donation bin is during office hours of 9am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. 

If you would like to drop off and donate on an evening or weekend, please contact us on for us to confirm if our facility is open at the desired time. 


This is where the donation bin will be located at West Riding FA HQ