Pitch Power


It’s time to power up your grass pitch, with the new and improved PitchPower.

It’s time to power up your grass pitch, with the new and improved PitchPower.


PitchPower is a free easy-to-use web app for grassroots football clubs and organisations that allows you to quickly and easily inspect your grass pitches directly from your mobile phone, unlocking funding and resources to help power up your grass pitch.


What is PitchPower?

PitchPower is the Football Foundation’s free, easy-to-use online tool that allows grassroots football clubs and organisations to inspect and improve the quality of their grass pitches.

Further information about PitchPower can be found here.


How does PitchPower work?

Once a club/organisation has signed up with PitchPower, they will be able to complete a pitch inspection for all of their grass pitches. Pitch inspections can be completed quickly and easily using a mobile phone, and the club/organisation will be guided through the process from start to finish.

Once a pitch inspection has been submitted, the experts at the Grounds Management Association (GMA) will produce an assessment report with bespoke, practical recommendations on how the club/organisation can enhance or sustain the quality of their grass pitches. A report will usually take up to 21 days to be returned, however the GMA are currently working through a large number of inspections and therefore reports may take between 8-12 weeks to be returned.

This assessment report will also allow the club/organisation to apply for any eligible funding through the Football Foundation’s Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund to make the improvements that have been recommended. The club/organisation will also be able to apply for funding for any maintenance machinery identified in the report as necessary to improve pitch quality.

Further information about how PitchPower works can be found here.


Who should be using PitchPower?

Anyone responsible for the maintenance of a grass pitch should be using PitchPower. A PitchPower inspection is a free and easy way to gain a greater understanding of the quality of a pitch, receive expert advice on how to improve the pitch and to access funding from the Football Foundation to support with this.


Still unsure how to get started? We can help!

West Riding FA are supporting clubs and organisations within our region to provide better quality grass pitches, reducing the number of matches that have to be postponed and improving the matchday experience for all.

If you have read through the above information and feel that your club/organisation could benefit from some further support from West Riding FA to complete a pitch inspection using PitchPower, then please complete this form and a member of the Facilities team at West Riding FA will be in touch with you directly.