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The FA’s Commitment to Support Victims of Discrimination

West Riding FA will support victims of discrimination and will thoroughly investigate any allegations

The Football Association (FA) believes that all acts of discrimination are offensive, abusive and harm the dignity of the individuals that are subjected to them. We know that discrimination can affect an individual’s mental health, sense of well-being and have wide ranging negative impacts not only on that individual, but on others around them.

Nobody should be in fear that they could be discriminated against whilst participating in any football related activity. West Riding FA will support victims of discrimination and will thoroughly investigate any allegations and wherever possible, raise charges against those who commit such offences. 

In recognition of the potential impact on individuals who receive discriminatory abuse, the FA partner with Sporting Chance to make support available to football Participants who experience such abuse (directly, indirectly or through online platforms). 

The Support Available 

This FA funded provision is specifically designed for victims of discriminatory abuse in grassroots football. 

Through a national network of therapists, counsellors, and psychiatrists, Sporting Chance offers victims of discrimination with mental health and emotional well-being services.

The preferred method of support is faceto-face meetings/counselling, however, in cases where this is not possible the support can be delivered online. 

All therapists are qualified and experienced in supporting victims of discrimination to deal with the impact of discriminatory abuse.

Although there is rarely a one-size-fits-all approach, the general outline of the support will be as follows:

• Access to between one and six counselling sessions, with extra sessions considered on an exceptional basis. 
• An initial assessment of the incident and its subsequent impact, followed by a confidential and safe talking space with a skilled therapist. 
• Contextualising the incident in the context of your broader life.
• Teaching on self-care.

This offer is open to all victims of discrimination who have reported the incident to the West Riding FA/FA. 

The service can be accessed from day 1 of the investigation starting and after the investigation concludes. 

To speak with someone to better understand this service, or if you would like to access this support, please contact the Sporting Chance Team at: 

Tel: 07780 008877 between 9am and 5pm on a weekday. 

Email: support@sportingchanceclinic.com

or contact West Riding FA at: 

Tel: 0113 282 1222 

Email: info@westridingfa.com