Nujum Pledge

West Riding FA Partner with Nujum Sports

This Pledge is the initial step in our journey toward achieving full accreditation with the Nujum Sports Muslim Athlete Charter

As the number of Muslim players, coaches, and volunteers within our profession continues to grow, along with the support from Muslim fans, West Riding FA is proud to announce our commitment to the Muslim Athlete Pledge.

This pledge signifies our dedication to actively listen, learn, and implement best practices, ensuring our participants not only thrive but also feel fully supported.

The Pledge serves as both a commitment and a starting point for acknowledging the specific needs of Muslim individuals in the realm of sports, encompassing not only players but also within our clubs. It functions as a comprehensive checklist, addressing the unique requirements of Muslim participants. This initiative aligns seamlessly with our broader efforts in equality and diversity, marking a crucial aspect of our ongoing commitment to understanding, growing, and adopting best practices.

This Pledge is the initial step in our journey toward achieving full accreditation with the Nujum Sports Muslim Athlete Charter. This accreditation will not only fortify our voice but also reinforce our unwavering stance of zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination within our community.

West Riding FA Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead, Ashraf Wallace, said:

"We view this collaboration with Nujum Sports as a significant stride for West Riding FA in our ongoing commitment to supporting players, coaches, and volunteers. 
By working together, we aim to deepen our understanding of faith and cultural needs, contributing to the improvement of our position as a County FA. This collaboration reflects our dedication to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and a heightened sense of value and appreciation within our communities."

CEO and Founder of Nujum Sports, Ebadur Rahman, added:

“Having signed the pledge, West Riding FA is joining a positive movement of solidarity, equality, and recognition of the contribution Muslims make in their respective clubs and teams."

Nujum is dedicated to supporting clubs and their participants by making a positive impact on their equality and diversity initiatives. Our goal is to assist clubs in becoming even more inclusive, leveraging the passion and love we share for our respective clubs, players, and volunteers.

Having signed the pledge, we've initiated our collaborative journey with Nujum Sports and anticipate ongoing partnership as we work towards achieving full accreditation in the future. This is a significant step forward in our commitment to fostering an environment of inclusivity and diversity within our clubs.

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