Young Volunteers

Voice of the Young Person Fund

Grants ranging between £100 - £500

We are here to support and encourage organisations to engage proactively with young people to ensure that their voice is heard.

This fund is managed by the Safeguarding Team here at West Riding FA and there are three key areas that we are looking for organisations to focus on;

Consultation with young people to find out what they want (or don’t want) from football and the creation of deliverable actions / activities

How organisations can use football as a tool to get other broader key messages across to young people, such as Mental Health, Anti bullying, Safeguarding, Safe Internet Use, Anti-discrimination etc

Engaging and supporting young people to take active roles in football that involve decision making for the organisation

Typically, grants range between £100 - £500, and applicants are asked to provide approximate costs of the items / activities that they require funding for.

As well as providing funding to support the project, we (West Riding FA) want to support applicants to deliver the project. So, whether you are currently running a project or have a project in mind – apply!

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For further information about the fund, please email Jo de Tute on or ring 0113 282 1222.