Good Mood Football League

Good Mood League Launches!

A new league launches in partnership with the NHS South West Yorkshire Partnership Trust and Creative Minds

This month at Fleet Lane, we hosted the launch event for the Good Mood League, a new league in partnership with the NHS South West Yorkshire Partnership Trust (SWYPT) and Creative Minds.

Good Mood Football LeagueThe league is an initiative to tackle health inequalities, as well as provide physical activity for service users and staff of a range of services within the South West Yorkshire Trust, including mental health services and insight teams to drug addiction and rehab services.

Phil Walters of the South West Yorkshire Partnership Trust said: “We recognised that when people have been unwell, it’s really hard to get involved in this type of activity and we wanted to make it easier people who use SWYPFT service to get involved. We have lots of stories of how this approach has helped people get their lives back on track, restore confidence, stay out of hospital and help forge many friendships and community connections. It’s clear that physical activity such as football can be of huge benefit to people with mental health issues. Whether it’s the very literal fact of improved physical wellbeing giving a boost to mental wellbeing, or the way in which sport engages people and gives them focus, the benefits to the players are clear.

"Without the partnership with West Riding County Football Association, we would have struggled to do it on our own. WRCFA bring their expertise and knowledge to organising this kind of event and provided match officials on the day, so the games ran smoothly. Over the next 12 months we aim to restore the regular Good Mood League fixtures and we plan to encourage practise games in-between linking up teams in the league and beyond. We also hope to build on our partnership with WRCFA and restore ongoing partnerships with the charity arms of local clubs such as Huddersfield Town Foundation and Reds in the Community in Barnsley. It feels like the launch event as given us the boost we needed to really get the Good Mood Football league back on track.

West Riding County FA has secured additional funding from The FA to support the development of the league and its participants. 

WRCFA Football Development Officer, Tom Dent, said: “It’s been fantastic to see the months of work with Alex and the team across SWYT and Creative Minds come to fruition. With 6 teams and 60 players playing in the launch event, I’m positive the league will go from strength to strength throughout the year.

"The additional funding we’ve secured will support the playing experience as well as further development opportunities for players, coaches and officials within the league.

"The project will have a great impact for all involved but for those accessing mental health and addiction services, the impact on their mental health and recovery can be life changing.”

For more information on Creative Minds, SWYT and the Good Mood League Football, or to find your nearest playing opportunity, take a look at the contacts and links below.

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Good Mood Football League

Good Mood Football League