Race Equality Action Plan

Race Equality Action Plan 2023/24

This action plan signifies our unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive and diverse football community

This Race Equality Plan is a testament to our commitment to fostering transformative change within the grassroots game across the county.

Achieving race equality in football is not only a moral imperative but a collective endeavour that resonates with the core principles of fairness, respect, and unity. This action plan signifies our unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive and diverse football community where every individual, regardless of their background, can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. 

The need for this action plan is both timely and pressing. Across the county, and indeed the country, we continue to witness instances of racial inequality, prejudice, and discrimination that tarnish the spirit of the game on and off the pitch. 

West Riding FA operates under the auspices of the Football Association nationally and as such, some of the actions fall outside of the immediate jurisdiction of West Riding FA.

Counsel has been sought form all organisations who play a part in in achieving the overall purpose of the plan to ensure that there is a collective commitment and ability to challenge and eradicate racism, promote diversity, and foster a culture of inclusivity within football at all levels under our own respective spheres of influence and jurisdiction. In addition, West Riding FA will continue to work with The FA to explore ways to strengthen the regulatory powers and duties devolved to West Riding FA under FA rules and regulations. 

Careful consideration has been extended to ensuring the implementation of the actions and ongoing consultative dialogue is prioritised and appropriately resourced. To this end, an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Lead will start in November 2023 to drive forward our commitment to embedding EDI in our internal culture, using our platform and sphere of influence to ensure maximum impact, accountability, and to ultimately effect change in the very communities that the plan was designed for.

The EDI Lead, supported by our existing staff, volunteers and the Board, will continue to engage with clubs, volunteers and organisations to deliver this first iteration and identify areas for further growth, development and intervention.