Ramadan workshop

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The workshop is set for Wednesday 14th February, 6pm till 8:30pm

In partnership with Nujum Sports, we’re delighted to be running a Ramadan workshop at our HQ on Wednesday 14th February (6-8:30pm) to explain more about Ramadan and its significance for players and club officials who follow Islam.

This will be a chance to promote understanding and unity within our football community, with particular focus on the following:

- Do’s and don’ts of Ramadan
- How best to support your Players, Staff and Volunteers during the month
- Why it’s important to let players and officials break their fast during a game
- Don’t train, don’t play - Why this rule maybe isn’t fit for purpose in Ramadan
- Why Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan
- How leagues could look at adapting fixtures to accommodate Ramadan


Date: Wednesday 14th February 6pm till 8:30pm
Venue: West Riding FA, Fleet Lane, LS26 8NX

If you would like to attend, please sign up on the link below. We look forward to seeing you there!


Ramadan workshop