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Introducing the West Riding FA Inclusion Advisory Group

We have successfully established our Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG), and currently have two vacant positions.

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) is a vital committee within the County FA dedicated to integrating inclusivity into our daily operations and county initiatives.

Comprising individuals from diverse professional backgrounds, the IAG ensures our policies and practices embrace diversity by drawing on their expertise and understanding of the challenges faced by those traditionally excluded from football.

At the heart of the IAG's mission is the development of inclusive policies and practices to foster accessible opportunities and engage all segments of our community in football at the grassroots level. Specifically, the IAG:

- Facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices.
- Contributes to the formulation of strategies and policies promoting diversity and inclusion in football participation.
- Collaborates with networks and partnerships to enhance participation across all communities.
- Works towards practical solutions to inclusion challenges.

We have successfully established our Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG), and we currently have two vacant positions for specialists in Disability and LGBTQ practises. If you believe you possess the requisite skills and expertise, we invite you to express your interest by registering using the link below.

IAG Expression Of Interest Form

Our IAG members are:

Jacqueline Kingham (Chair)
Ashraf Wallace (WRCFA ED&I Lead)
Lizzie Saunderson-Trowell (Director of Operations Bradford City Community Foundation)
Dr Daniel Kilvington (Leeds Beckett University)
Asma Iqbal (Partner at Chadwick Lawrence LLP)
Sharron Kaur (Owner of Golden Acre Estates)

Find out more about our IAG members by viewing their profiles HERE