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Referee Progression Pathway 2022-23

The Referee Progression Pathway will create more progression opportunities for more officials across the grassroots game (Level 5-7 & Level Y). The priorities of this change will focus on:

- Giving referees greater control over their own progression.
- Providing a route for expedited progression for those able to commit to more games.
- Instilling a developmental philosophy into grassroots refereeing.
- Motivating and incentivising refereeing through structural change.
- Re-energising and diversifying the referee development workforce across the grassroots game.
- Removing some of the key barriers to progress.


The new methodology will replace the annual promotion process based on formal assessments with progression based on:

- Number of appointments.
- Completion of free online referee development modules.
- Support and advice from a Match Day Coaches.
- Successful completion of a Laws of the Game exam.
- Attendance at face-to-face training (Level 6-5 only).

Promotion Applications are now being considered for the 2022/2023 season. It should be noted however we are still awaiting the final promotion packages to be received by the FA Referees Department. Please see attached which gives guidance for those referees wishing to apply for Promotion (Level Y1 through to Level 6-5). Should you wish to apply for promotion  from Level 5 to Level 4, then you should still apply as shown below, and the County FA will then provide you with the full details once this is received from the FA Referees Department in due course.

Should you wish to be considered for promotion in 2022/2023 then you are asked to email mark.haywood@westridingfa.com 

Stating the following Information:

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Phone: 0113 282 1222 (Option 4)

Email: mark.haywood@westridingfa.com 

Hours: 09:00- 16:30 Monday – Friday