Junior Football Leaders

Referee Promotions

The West Riding FA wish to encourage and support all referees that apply to participate in the Referee Promotion Scheme.

Once completed the basic referee course every referee has the opportunity shape there own refereeing career. Applying for promotion may involve more modest personal targets, right through to the lofty highs of officiating in the premier league and beyond. Refereeing can now even be a career option.

Refereeing Levels

A match official's ‘level’ is a mark of his/her achievement within refereeing.

New referees start out at level 7 and can progress all the way to level 1…and beyond.

  • Level Y - Youth Referee (qualified referees under 16 years old)
  • Level 7 - Junior County Referee
  • Level 6 –County Referee
  • Level 5 - Senior County Referee
  • Level 4 - Supply League Referee/Contributory League Assistant
  • Level 3 - Contributory League Referee/Panel League Assistant
  • Level 2 - Panel League Referee/Football League Assistant
  • Level 1 - Football League Referee
  • Select Group - FA Premier League Referee
  • FIFA List - International Referee

Referees can apply for promotion when registering as a referee via the Whole Game System.


Mark Haywood


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