Referee Reporting

Referee reporting


As of the 18/19 season, referees will not be required to write a detailed report for dismissals. Dismissals will be reported in the same way in which caution offences are – where a specific offence code is selected to reflect the offence committed. It is crucial that where the referee deems that the dismissal offence has a more serious impact than the dismissal itself and/or any incident/s occur after the dismissal, that the referee then reports this in detail by submitting an extraordinary incident report.


Examples of when to submit an extraordinary incident report are as follows;


a. Dismissal offences that include an aggravated breach such as discriminatory language or behaviour (homophobic, sexist or reference to race/colour/religion/ethnicity etc.) or where there was a serious injury caused by the act of violent conduct.


b. Where further misconduct happened following the dismissal such as the player refusing to leave the field of play or committed other further acts of misconduct following the dismissal.


c. Where the offences committed were by non-playing staff or spectators.


d. All other extra-ordinary incidents.