FA 50 Year Award

The FA awards an ‘Order of Merit’ in recognition of work done by our member volunteers.


To be eligible for this award, the nominated individual must have completed 50 years as a football volunteer, inclusive of playing career but excluding any football played at school under the age of 16.


To nominate a member of your club, league, organisation or referees society all you need to do is follow the steps below:


Step 1: Complete the nomination form

Step 2: The West Riding FA will seek verification from the relevant District Association and any other organisations referenced in the nomination application

Step 4: If the nomination meets the criteria for the award, the West Riding FA will forward the Nomination Form to the FA for approval

Step 5: The FA will issue the 50 Year Award Certificate and badge to the West Riding FA (can take up to 6 weeks)

Step 6: The West Riding FA will arrange, with the nominator, a suitable time, date and venue to present the award to the recipient