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Special visit from Referees Working Group

Referee CORE and Development Group receive a visit from the Referees Working Group

It was a busy night of refereeing at West Riding CFA on 15th February, with the Referees Working Group joining some of the County CORE and County Development Group after their meeting.

They fully engaged with Bobby Madley's workshop in regard to teamwork and getting the correct information from colleagues in important situations. The idea was that the referees had to draw what the AR was telling them, without the referee seeing the picture. The evening did get competitive, and the Chairman of Referees John Byrne ended up judging the competition as an impartial nonparticipant.

Bobby said: "This is an exercise in how to get the information that you require, as quickly as possible, as sometimes as a referee we do not have the full details of a particular incident."

West Riding FA Referee Development Officer, Mark Haywood, said: "It’s great to see the Referees Working Group getting 100% involved after the completion of their meeting.  It's also good that the CORE and Development Referees meet the people who strive to improve refereeing standards within West Riding.

"The CORE and Development groups continue to produce match officials that are reaching the highest echelons of the men’s and women’s game. The coaches, Bobby Madley, Sam Barrott and David Richardson, with the support of the other coaches, deliver quality workshops after a physical training session for both CORE and Development groups.

If you are interested in Joining the CORE or Development Groups, please email

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